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Blood+ Claims

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Claims!! [Sep. 22nd, 2006|06:24 pm]
Blood+ Claims

*i wanna claim Hagi

-coz he's just freakin tall and hot!

and uh my second claim would be...

*Hagi's seiyuu - Katsuyuki Konishi coz he has a cool voice! hahaha! that's all!
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(no subject) [Nov. 25th, 2006|03:31 am]
Blood+ Claims

I claim Diva! (or possibly Diva claims me, it's hard to tell).

I claim Haji's cello case, but not its contents because that would be excessively cheeky.

I claim those pretty blue shoes that Diva was so enamoured of. (And will now live in constant fear of her hunting me down and killing me for them).

I haven't done this before and apologise in advance if I've messed up horribly.
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Advertising [Jan. 14th, 2007|08:12 am]
Blood+ Claims


Hey guys! Hope you don't mind me advertising here. I've recently started a livejournal community titled 'Forever by your side' that will soon hopefully feature fics, icons, drabbles and all kinds of goodies sporting the Saya/Haji, Saya/Solomon and Saya/Haji/Solomon pairings. Those interested shouldplease feel free to go join ^.^


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CLAIMS~! [Sep. 8th, 2006|11:13 am]
Blood+ Claims

Now it's MY TURN to claim!!


-Vin Argeno (Megane megane megane GO! GO!XD)

-Megane Haji!! ;)


-Suwabe Junichi
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2006|12:46 am]
Blood+ Claims

[Current Music |metric- Police and the Private]

Claim: Solomon

Reason: Because I love him so. XD
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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2006|07:52 pm]
Blood+ Claims

I've never joined a claiming group before ;;;>__> i feel like there's more i'm supposed to do then just saying "i want that, that AND THAT"... 

Okay, well since i'm on a Solomon high and it said on the info page that i can have up to 3 claims well then... can i claim Solomon's ass, Solomon's body, and Solomon's everything else??  XDDDDDDD j/k

i'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way, so then can i claim Solomon, Hagi and Moses?

yea, those 3 will do me just fine. ~____~

P.S. do i do anything else? O.o
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Mod post (and my own claims o.o) [Sep. 8th, 2006|09:28 am]
Blood+ Claims

Sorry for the wait! I'm sort of in the middle of finals ^__^;

Anyway, the claims have been updated and I'm making a few myself :D 

- Young!Hagi (XD)

- Saya and

-Diva :D

See you around~! ^u^

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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2006|09:54 pm]
Blood+ Claims

Hello everyone! I understand that this community has been a little cold (or rather not even a single post at all), so start claiming your bishies!! (I mean, who doesn't want to claim SOLOMON/HAJI?)

If you want more claims, just make a banner or do some fanart for this com!

Start claiming now ;)
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